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As long as you didn't buy your home near (or in) the peak of the real-estate bubble, and you plan to stay for a few years, there's really no way you won't come out ahead spending your hard earned money, back into your home. There are a lot of good reasons to do a project now.

Take advantage of contractors and remodelers like Brunetti Designs of in this slowed economy (which is getting better quickly)! While things are slow, contractors will be more eager to take on smaller jobs, and be offering more affordable estimates!

Material Prices have dropped! From January 2007 up until 2012, lumber pricing for that framing remodel you have been thinking about, has fell 15.2%. Who doesn't need more insulation? Not only to help comfort levels, indoor air quality and lower energy bills but for sound quality control as well; insulation prices have dropped 3.8 percent! Drywall and gypsum materials have been hit the hardest, 20%, take advantage of it while you can!

One of the best things about how things like General Contracting and how it evolves over time, is that some, if not a LOT, of the "bad" contractors are not able to keep up with the ones doing things right! If a contractor was not doing good business, he was not able to keep busy coming from referrals, not able to keep, build or maintain advertising and websites, and more over all of this was even harder through the slow economy. You have a good chances of getting good quality contractors and accurate estimates. Again, take advantage of that Castle Rock or Castle Pines Remodel while you can!

With competition being tough, contractors have not only adapted but a lot of them are doing every thing they can to win business on a consistent basis. This means learning all new building codes when they come out so they can maybe speak more intelligently over one another, this also means staying on top of current trends or even becoming trend setters bringing new creativity to their projects! Brunetti Designs and Castle Rock Colorado Remodeler is very creative and resourceful. How else can one stay in business for 11 years?

You will be enjoying your new remodel, addition or upgrade for a little longer. Given that you've chosen to put some money into your home, you are probably not going to be selling it anytime soon. Even when you do go to sell it, weather the market for General Contracting stays the same or gets better, you and your home will still be in a very good spot. You will almost always not only get your money back, but turn a profit through your mortgage as well.

Do you want to pay taxes on a 250k house when its a 200k house? Of coarse not! Rather than buy a new home that is more than what you have now, you can invest that money into your current house and still be paying the same amount of taxes on what the home is "worth"!! Weather you have been thinking of small repairs, little upgrades or huge renovations Brunetti Designs would love to be one of a few to provide you with a free estimate! Call or email us anytime your ready!

Want to save money on energy bills? Green building and sustainable building has been a big thing, especially the past few years. If you hire the right contractor, your new design should be more sustainable and energy efficient than what you have now. Make sure to let your contractor know this things are of top priority for you so you can have an even more energy efficient design. Such things as those cool toilets that have two flush choices, small and large (or standard) so everyone using a toilet is not flushing a lot of water when its not needed. CFL light bulbs or even better - LED's! Energy efficient doors and windows. better insulated basements, siding and attics. Contact us to learn even more about what you can do.

Even if you don't want to stay in your house, a remodel will still help you to be able to sell it.

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