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Soundproofing is overlooked in many applications, mostly because people don't even think of it. We advise our clients on soundproofing wherever possible. Remodeling a bathroom, up the soundproofing and insulation. What better time to add sound quality to your room than when doing a remodel. Basement finishing should always have great soundproofing, and rarely is it ever considered by contractors, let alone done right. Here are some bast practices that Brunetti Designs uses for soundproofing when customers allow us:

-Use Quiet Rock drywall sheets

-Use screws, not nails, in floors (sound quality, no squeaks down the road)

-Fill all voids and spaces in walls such as behind baseboards, around junction boxes and inside of switches.

-Use 2x6 walls instead of 2x4

-Stager your framing and your drywall sheets

-Wrap all vents and tubing in adhesive sound dampener

-Consider carpeting over tile or hardwood for your floors, especially in basements

-High quality doors and windows

-Use of fire-doors even for a simple room partition wall

-Don't use excessive screws when drywall hanging

-Soft polymer or foam sheeting material sandwiched between framing and drywall

-Applying a thick drywall texture to your walls and ceilings

-use drop lighting or track lighting instead of recessed lights (this is a big help for insullation as well)

-Place large pictures on your walls, backed with carpet pad or a similar type material (hidden)

-Fill your flooring with the highest possible rated insulation in-between all floor joists

-Don't float your wall framing, when in a basement, if possible

-Even if you have carpet already, use rugs. Even rugs on your wall as decoration will add to your sound quality, sound proofing

-If you have, or are going to have, drapes, use large ones made of thick fabric

-Let Brunetti Designs apply one of its special redguard drywall applications, something no one else is doing or has thought of!!

-Use foam boards sandwiched between your drywall and framing, even together with all the other applications, walls and ceiling (you could do your floor as well, sandwich rigid or semi-rigid foam, then build sheathing or OSB on top of it!)

-Consider how your design, walls, knee walls, crown moldings, architecture, vaulted ceilings and chases (soffits / fascias), will all effect sound quality

-Use smaller vent registers if possible, and as few as possible as to not effect IAQ.

For more ideas on Sound Quality, Sound Control (STC's) or Sound Proofing, Contact Castle Rock Remodeler today!